Island Wear Infographic

Luaus, coconuts and pineapples are all things that come to mind when you think of Hawaii. Part of what makes Hawaii a great travel destination, as well as a place to live, is its own unique culture. Part of that culture is the Hawaiian clothing, which happens to have its own history.

Hawaiian wear is shaped by the climate in Hawaii. Living and traveling in this climate can be a welcomed change from cold, dark, dreary days and tons of snow. Due to the warm climate, clothing is minimal but there is also a story behind it.

Many times when people think of Hawaiian clothes, the grass skirt or the hula skirt comes to mind.  These are one of the oldest forms of Hawaiian dresses. This was also the time that decorations worn on wrists and ankles were introduced. This tradition has now been replaced with flowers. During this time, it wasn’t uncommon for both men and woman to be topless. Hawaiian women’s apparel has since greatly changed. Missionaries were the first to introduce loose fitting dresses that are still commonly worn today, once they saw the nudity.

Another popular item that comes to mind when people think of the fashion is the famous Aloha shirts. Popular in the Hawaiian men’s apparel arena, these shirts were popularized by tourists and are still very popular to those that travel to Hawaii.

We’ve created the following infographic to show Hawaii fashion through the ages, as well as some fun Hawaiian facts for your next visit to Hawaii. Even though the fashion has changed a lot through the years, you can still look forward to experiencing some unique clothing options. When traveling to Hawaii you will want to remember to bring some of the most common items worn and don’t forget to pick up your Aloha shirt. 

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